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Bamboo Nordic Straws


Sustainable Straws

Bamboo straws are great alternatives that look good, are reusable, and saves nature. 

Each straw is hand-crafted and is a completely natural product, featuring a unique appearance. Bamboo is a completely natural organic product, which can be disposed of in a home composting system.

Please help us to fight plastic waste generated from single-use plastic by using natural and sustainably sourced bamboo straws. 

Bamboo Nordic features 3 types of Bamboo straws:

Narrow bamboo straw:
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These are typically 10-12 cm long and are the narrowest of the straws with an outside dimension of 3mm.
These are recommended for thin drinks or coffee stirrers. 

Medium bamboo straw:

For these Bamboo straws, the internal diameter of the straws for soft/thin drinks ranges from 2mm to 5mm and their length ranges from 18 to 20 cm.

Wide bamboo straw :

Our widest bamboo straws are ranging from an internal diameter ranges from 5mm to 7mm. The straws are perfect for thick drinks/shakes/smoothies and their length ranges from 18 to 20 cm.

​All 3 sizes of straw are available.

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