What is Bamboo Nordic?

Bamboo Nordic is your one-stop shop for household bamboo products. We are based in Scandinavia and the word ‘Nordic’ is a testament to that. Besides offering some of the finest bamboo products for decoration and everyday use, we publish some articles on how to use them and some tips & tricks on our blog.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about bamboo, you’ve come to the right place. We consult a lot of sources to provide the most useful tips and hacks for using bamboo products. Moreover, you get to explore the lesser known yet overwhelming benefits of bamboo products by browsing our website. 

We also answer some of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on our website and try to present colorful solutions through our articles.

How was Bamboo Nordic born?

The idea of Bamboo Nordic was conceived when two friends were backpacking across Asia and were stunned by the rapid growth and abundance of bamboo trees there. Bamboo, after all, boasts an incredible growth record. The conditions in Asia are conducive to growing bamboo in huge amounts. This made them realize the potential of bamboo products in shaping the perceptions of people. 

It was a crushing realization when they found out about the extensive use of plastic and the widespread pollution. Plastic, being a non-biodegradable element, can cause tremendous harm to the environment. The two friends realized that the situation was deplorable in Asia and perhaps there was something they could do to alleviate the situation. 

It didn’t take them long to realize the benefits of bamboo to replace the use of plastic. They made up their mind then and there. And thus, Bamboo Nordic was born.

Why is Bamboo Nordic important?

A significant part of Bamboo Nordic’s work revolves around communicating the benefits of bamboo products. It is quite astonishing that most of us are quite oblivious to the wonders of bamboo. Even if you take the bamboo products out of the equation and just consider the bamboo groves, you’ll discover a multitude of benefits, starting from releasing more oxygen than its most counterparts to boasting an incredible tensile strength. 

Bamboo Nordic realizes all that and much more. We believe that we can make the world a better place by sticking to our mission. We want to add style and substance to the use of bamboo products and correct people’s misconceptions about bamboo products. We want people to realize that bamboo is our saving grace.

The Mission of Bamboo Nordic

Bamboo Nordic has a very simple mission; create an ecologically sustainable environment for the long haul. We are fully aware of the devastating effects of the excessive use of plastic in the modern world. It is no secret that plastic is non-biodegradable. Worse still, plastic contains toxic chemicals that can enter our body and cause serious complications. Some of the gravest ramifications can be birth defects, impaired immunity, cancers, etc. 

Our mission is to turn this world into a more livable one; and we believe it can be as simple as bamboo to help us achieve this goal. It is high time we stepped up our efforts to transform this world and while bamboo is certainly not the panacea, it can go a long way in realizing the dream to some extent.

The Core Values of Bamboo Nordic

The fact that bamboo is incredibly sustainable doesn’t require much description. Bamboo requires no pesticides or insecticides for its development. The rate at which it grows is also astounding. It is also renewable, i.e., it can regenerate from its roots. 

Bamboo helps maintain the ecological balance of the environment. Bamboo trees can generate 30-35% more oxygen than other types of trees. Bamboo is also helpful in preventing soil erosion, water conservation, and land rehabilitation. 

Another great feature of bamboo products is that most of them are recyclable. Recycling can be a very handy property of a product as it eliminates the need for extraction, refinement and processing of raw materials. All these activities can cause significant air and water pollution. Therefore, it’s easy to see just how important bamboo can be in this regard. 

Bamboo products are also reusable. Due to its enduring nature, bamboo materials can be used for different purposes apart from the most obvious ones. This lends more versatility to already very handy features of bamboo. 

It would perhaps come as little surprise to most of us to hear that bamboo trees don’t require any fertilizers or other chemicals for its development. This means that products made of bamboo don’t have any toxic materials in them, which in turn makes it much easier for people to use them as don’t cause any type of irritation. 

For organizations following zero-waste policy, bamboo is their go-to material. Bamboo products can be used across a wide variety of industries and for an impressive range of services. Bamboo eliminates the need for steel in construction, the use of plastic and other softwoods which can take a long time to grow.

Reducing plastic waste

Plastic waste can be a very thorny issue. Despite almost every single one of us knowing the downside to its extensive use, we are quite reluctant to let go of it. This is largely because of the fact that plastic products are lightweight in nature and very cost-effective. This however ignores the detrimental effects on mother nature. 

It is our responsibility to show people how we can replace plastic with bamboo and minimize waste. We hope to bring about a wave of change that sees the start of something beautiful. Few other products are as effective as bamboo when it comes to replacing toxic materials and debunking age-old myths. We believe bamboo can be a breath of fresh air amidst all the pollution we’re facing due to plastic waste.

Bamboo Nordic wants to educate

Extensive use of plastic and other harmful materials has been a matter of concern for our society for quite some time now. This is a pressing issue that needs more attention and subsequent action. Bamboo Nordic aims to address this issue by shedding light on some unique and interesting uses of bamboo products. We want to show that bamboo has more than enough potential to replace plastic as the preferred choice for everyday household products. 

Most people think that bamboo products can be very heavy in nature and hence not suitable for extensive household use. We intend to correct this misconception by introducing creative uses of bamboo products to the public. There are just so many more fun uses of bamboo products apart from the one we usually see.

The future of Bamboo Nordic

Bamboo Nordic intends to help popularize the trend of switching to bamboo products from plastic ones. We also want to contribute to the economies of the developing countries by ordering products from them. This will enable them to have a global presence and will create more awareness about their countries in this part of the world. 

Bamboo Nordic also wants to contribute to the Scandinavian economy by providing exciting yet highly rewarding employment opportunities. We handpick the talents who we believe have the ability to make a difference in a fast-paced changing environment. 

We also want to shape people’s perception of bamboo and products made of bamboo. Many of us are still unaware of the plethora of benefits and unique uses of these products. We believe it is our responsibility to educate our audience on these important facts and figures. Ensuring sustainability is one of our top priorities as well since we’re here to make a difference.

Next projects to realize

Among the upcoming projects of Bamboo Nordic, creating an awareness film is right at the top of the list. We are fully aware of the importance of creating awareness regarding the issue we so deeply care about. In order for us to make people see just how alarming the plastic pollution is getting and how we can make small but meaningful difference, a brief awareness movie can go a long way. 

Next, we want to publish a simple guide book related to all bamboo products that we’ll be offering and how they can be used for various purposes. We also want to talk about our partners and our mission in brief. Most importantly, the guide book will contain in-depth information regarding the unique uses of the products that can certainly make bamboo a more attractive option.

We also want to find ourselves a local supplier that we can trust. Right now, we’re mostly concerned about procuring the products from Southeast Asian countries. While they may be  more authentic sourcing destinations, they might pose some dilemma when it comes to finding trust.

Bamboo Nordic's Big Dream

We might be a small company right now but we have some big ambitions for the future. Since most of our products are being sourced from Southeast Asian countries, we want to contribute to their hard work by opening a community school there. The literacy rate, sadly, is unenviable in that part of the world while the standard of living continues to suffer. We want to eradicate this problem and we reckon opening a community school there can help us find a viable solution to this. 

Another aspiration we have is supporting local organizations. These organizations may be involved in different types of businesses but we want to make sure we’re on the same page about sustainability. We want Bamboo Nordic to be associated with anything that upholds the values of sustainability.

The people behind Bamboo Nordic

Bamboo Nordic has its own set of principles and we try to adhere to it as strictly as possible. Despite that, we promote a fun working culture that is fully remote and highlights the importance of work from home trend. The location of the employees and interns are completely independent. 


One of the values that we highly prize is diversity. We believe in the importance of cross-cultural teams to keep driving Bamboo Nordic forward. More diversity means different perspectives and more exciting ideas. This can be crucial in unlocking out-of-the-box thinking and we firmly resonate with this. Our interns are located in different parts of the world and we encourage them to share their values and customs with us. 

Another attribute that differentiates us from the others is that we prioritize passion over degree when it comes to choosing the right candidates. We deeply resonate with the cause we’re fighting for and this is precisely what we look for in a candidate. If that person is passionate about helping a fledgling company on a mission to make this world a better place gain a foothold, we look no further. We always try to reach an agreement through a dialogue and instead of dictating the terms and responsibilities, we ask for their thoughts on how they can improve us. 

Furthermore, if we believe that we have the right candidate who has demonstrated great passion and has some potential to translate that passion into an end product, we give them a chance. We are very lenient about deadlines and set them through a two-way dialogue. We also foster active participation in other aspects of the business by allowing the candidates to work across a range of teams. We have faith in our candidates and give them freedom and discretion for their projects.