Bamboo face masks

bamboo face mask


For the last few months, our world has been surrounded by the uncertainties of global pandemic. But if there is anything we can do to feel a bit better, its to find a beautiful and comfortable mask to get through it all.

The solution? Bamboo face masks.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the main reasons as to why bamboo masks are such a great alternative.

You might been noticing already the blue disposable masks laying around, taht is so dad and we can stop it. Let's all use reusable and ecological masks. 

So Why should we have a bamboo face mask? What are Bamboo face mask benefits?

Bamboo face masks are comfortable 

Bamboo masks are very comfortable as they are much more breathable compared to other materials such as cotton. They also tend to be odour-resistant and ultra-soft on the skin.

For example, many people have been talking about how great they are for long haul flights, that might require many consecutive hours of wearing masks.

Bamboo also tends to be hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal, making it especially good for people with sensitive skin or for babies. 

bamboo face mask


Bamboo face masks are practical

In addition to their comfort, bamboo masks are naturally antibacterial and water-resistant. This is great because it means they dry quickly - something important to keep in mind, as you’ll be wearing them every day! This also means that on rainy days, the masks’ moisture-wicking properties will come in handy.

Finally, despite the soft feeling of the mask, it is still one of the most robust fabrics on earth. 

practical mask

Bamboo face masks are environmentally friendly

Bamboo, as we’ve discussed in many of our other blog articles, is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It grows rapidly in 3-5 years and requires very little water and no pesticides. Standard non-reusable masks contain plastic parts, much of which ends up in the oceans.

That’s why it’s important to opt for reusable ones that don’t harm the planet.

bamboo forest


A final tip on Cleaning and making purchases of bamboo face masks 

Bamboo masks require careful attention when cleaning. If you want them to last as long as possible, you should wash them in cold water and subsequently air dry it. 

Furthermore, when shopping for bamboo face masks, you should always double-check the materials used, as many masks advertised as ‘bamboo’ is actually made of rayon.

How do you use a bamboo face mask?

Bamboo faec mask can be use as any other face mask. Once you use it make sure to cover your mouth and nose. Each bamboo face mask will be having elastic laces to ensure comfortable fit to any size of the head. 

Is bamboo fabric good for face mask?

Bamboo is natural material and so does the fabrics. You will have way more breathability and comfort while wearing a bamboo face mask. 

Bamboo is also soft material and will be nice fit for your face even if your skin is sensitive making sure there is no rash left after wearing it. 


Bamboo face mask for kids

Bamboo face masks are suited for kids same as for adults. Bamboo face masks fabrics are sensitive and soft. Kids will enjoy having a bamboo mask over a regular face mask. 

How to take care of your bamboo face mask

We advise to have several bamboo face masks with you and home. Make sure to wash the regularly. You can wash bamboo face mask with other clothes.

Make sure to use neutral detergent and low temperature program. 

Avoid using one mask for two long, as the mask will naturally absorbe outside dirt particles and will eventually get dirty. 

How long will my bamboo face mask will last 

Your bamboo face mask will last you trough the months of use. bamboo masks are durable both to environmental harms as well as washing machines and hand-wash. 

We hope that by the time the pandemic ends your mask will be no longer needed. 

Be safe use bamboo mask

We hope this article has given you an insight into why bamboo masks are a fantastic alternative to standard cotton ones. They’re better for you in terms of comfort, practicality and environmentally friendliness. Despite the challenges brought on by these difficult months, make sure to stay safe and healthy with these fantastic cotton masks!

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